About the author

This website has been started as a creative outlet where I get to meander on about the ins and outs of the Dutch competitive scene of Warhammer 40k. It’s a small world, but the community in the Netherlands has given me so very much.

Some trophies I made for the Basement Brawl IV

I’m mostly a regular dude. Been into wargaming since 1999 where I started collecting with the 3rd edition starter set. Only started actively participating in competitive Warhammer 40k in the Netherlands since late 2021. Happily married, no kids although I can be quite immature at times. Have four cats, a dog, two horses, a Warhound Titan and two rabbits. Slightly neurotic. Quite scatterbrained. I once played a Tech-Priest in a Rogue Trader campaign who Exterminatus’d a planet full of Slaaneshi worshippers. By accident.

Freerange Warhound

I usually play Imperial Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus or White Scars. Recently I’ve added Adeptus Custodes to that list and I’m working on getting a generic Chaos Space Marine army up and running. Come look me up during tournaments, you can usually find me by following the source of the strange noises.